Blue Label Ghost & Rare Exclusive Tasting

Whisky Wonder

I had the honour of attending the Blue Label Ghost & Rare Exclusive Tasting with Jamie Walker from Diageo.

Upon arrival at Wakaniu Grill – known for their delicious steaks, we were greeting with a Blue Label High Ball. A refreshing start for the evening! I turned and was greeted by a familiar Scottish accent – Jamie is from Glasgow.


Historically, blended whisky has been a more common way of drinking whisky due to single malts being inconsistent. Blending the whisky gave the master blender a way to produce a more balanced whisky. John Walker was one of the families involved in blending in the early days as they owned a grocer store.

Johnnie Walker came up with the iconic square bottles because their whiskies were one of the first to be shipped to an international market. The square bottles helped maximize space when they were being shipped and also…

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