Women in Whisky

We’ve found an increasing number of Whisky Distilleries hiring women for the job of Master Blender. It started with Balvenie, Diageo and even Bowmore

Did you know that Cardhu was run and managed by women?

During our recent visit to Cardhu, we learnt their story of feminism at its best – how Helen Cumming would become a whisky legend and have her story told today – being the most important major whisky that goes into Johnnie Walker.

As stories go, Cardhu has a fine one to tell. And While it’s hard to do much better than to be the first distillery secured by the Walker family, but in the age of fourth-wave feminism, Cardhu has a ready-made, feel-good story done and dusted without even trying; two women were key to Cardhu’s success and its enduring legacy.” – Spirited Singapore

I’ll share about our visit to Cardhu distillery in the next post, stay tuned…

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