The Whisky Agency Secret Islay 21 Year Old 50.6%

It’s fun finding a whisky that reminds me of asian food. This one did not taste like a typical islay but was very satisfying! It made me think of Gui Ling Gao with bitter herby notes and sweet syrup on top. It’s also a thick, heavy spirit.

Heavily sherried

Teh gao siu dai
Gui ling gao!!
Dark chocolate
Long sherry finish

Some say this is laphroig unpeated. I thought it might be a bunna. Will be passing this to a couple of friends to get votes on what they think this is.. definitely not a typical islay

3.5/5 recommended!

We also like the bottle artwork which reminds us of that moment when the guys have bought too much whisky and are getting a beating from their wives 😂

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